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Proudly Supporting Our Not For Profit Clients

XBASE was pleased to present a donation in celebration of JVS Toronto's 70th anniversary at the organization's annual general meeting last week.  We have had the privilege of working with JVS for many years and are honoured to partner with them in supporting their IT needs.

5 types of clutter that slow down Windows

If you’ve noticed that your Windows 10 operating system has been running slow, yet no virus has been found and everything seems to be running okay otherwise, your PC might have too much clutter. Clutter can impede its performance and eat away its memory.

New phishing scam targets Office 365 users

With more than 100 million monthly active subscribers, Office 365 has attracted the attention of hackers who’ve revamped an age-old trick. This time, they come up with a highly targeted, well-crafted spear-phishing scam that’s even more difficult to identify.

Warning for Apple Users with Mail Systems on Server 2016

Apple has announced its upcoming iOS 11 to be released on September 19th.  Anyone running a mail system that utilizes Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) on Windows Server 2016 will not be able to use the default mail client at this time.

The high-level overview of the issue is that Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) users will not be able to REPLY TO, or FORWARD messages with attachments from the default mail application that comes with iOS 11

This is a problem for many people as even mail signatures and disclaimers are interpreted as attachments by the iOS mail clients.

Apple released a new iPhone and so much more!

10 years after the first iPhone was announced, Apple’s keynote addresses are still global events. This year’s slate of fall releases included a lot more than incremental updates to the company’s flagship device. Regardless of whether your next Apple purchase is coming out of a personal or company budget, you’ll want to know what’s new.

Take a look at Outlook.com’s new features

Are you looking for a business email service provider? A convenient option would be Gmail, which lets you sync your emails easily with Google applications. But if discreet ads, a cleaner design, increased storage, and other productivity enhancements sound appealing to you, we recommend taking a look at the following new Outlook.

Facebook Faces Devious Adware

When you receive an email from an unfamiliar source urging you to click on a link or download a file, it’s easy to send it straight to the garbage bin due to its spam-like nature. It’s a completely different story when the message is sent via Facebook Messenger by one of your friends.

Will the Equifax security breach affect you?

As you have probably seen on all the major news outlets, Cyber criminals have stolen 143 million credit records in the recent hacking scandal at big-three credit bureau Equifax. The data compromised was mostly on US customers, but it has been confirmed that some Canadian and UK customers have been compromised also.

Should you use Voice over IP?

You’ve probably heard of VoIP phone systems by now. But do you know what they are and why they’re so popular among small- to medium-sized businesses? If you’re reluctant to ditch your traditional phone system, these VoIP benefits might convince you otherwise.

OneNote: The Hidden Gem in Microsoft Office

Almost everyone loves PowerPoint, Excel and Word, but there’s another Office application that should be recognized as a must-have: OneNote. It’s an app for pulling together text, video, audio, and other visual resources to create shareable notebooks full of useful information.