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In-House IT vs. Managed IT Services: Pros and cons for small businesses

Most business leaders appreciate how important technology is to staying competitive, but many have difficulty choosing between hiring an in-house IT team and outsourcing their needs to an MSP (managed services provider). Complicating matters further is that every business has a different set of goals, and failing to align technology with these goals can easily put your business in a worse situation than before.

3 Tips on managing Windows 10 notifications

Microsoft has equipped Windows 10 users with a comprehensive set of tools to get their action center settings under control. Unfortunately, most desktops come with an abundance of software and features that result in more notifications. If you’ve reached the point of oversaturation, these three tips can help you better manage your action center.

5 Cybersecurity measures anyone can master

Avoiding malware and online scams takes a lot of work. You have to treat every email with suspicion, manage a long list of convoluted passwords, and avoid public WiFi networks. Ideally, you follow several other cybersecurity best practices, but many users don’t believe they’re worth the time.

5 ways to capitalize on the latest tech fads

More money with less investment — that’s the dream, right? Counterintuitive as it may seem, flash-in-the-pan tech fads and trends may just be the way to achieve that. With the right tools, you can associate your SMB with popular new technologies. These are our five tips on how to cash in on things as silly […]

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