Is IT by XBASE the
missing variable in
your firm’s success?

The Right Fit

Put on a pair of too-tight shoes and your feet will soon be cramped and blistered. Or try walking in shoes a size or two too large. Either way, you’ll never feel fully comfortable. Slip on just the right pair though, and you can run all day or dance all night.

When choosing a partner to support your IT requirements, the right fit is crucial. Too small, and your partner won’t be able to expand services as you grow, you may suffer reliability issues, and service may be inconsistent. Too large, and you might start feeling like you’re ignored or that you’re receiving a generic service instead of a service package personalized for your needs.

There are a lot of companies that are jumping onto the managed services bandwagon. They’ve suddenly realized that Managed IT Services isn’t a fad and that they had better offer a range of services or begin looking for new work. These “new shoes” aren’t very well broken in, and they “deliver” predictable results: unsatisfied clients, cancelled contracts, and lost faith in the managed services model.

Hand the keys to your network to just the right size managed services provider, though, and you’ll have a true partner who supports your company’s business goals.

XBASE has been providing managed services since 1988.

We’ve grown with and adapted to the opportunities presented by game-changing technologies like the internet, virtualization, mobile computing, and the cloud. Unlike many new entries into the MSP marketplace, we have the experience and the infrastructure in place to reliably deliver services. We have achieved Level 1 in the independent MSP/Cloud Verify Program certification process and completed our SSAE-18 certification.

We have been around for a long time, and we continue to be in it for the long run. We get excited about new technology and are passionate about helping our clients adopt it. We love our clients and what we do!

Are We Your Right Fit?

XBASE has been successful with clients in nearly every industry. However, we have been able to develop particular familiarity with two industries -- financial companies and not-for-profits.

Who is our typical client?

  • 20 to 200 users
  • Limited internal IT support
  • A focus on using IT as a strategic advantage over their competitors and not just a cost of doing business
  • Understand the links between an underperforming bottom line, poorly performing systems, and frustrated users
  • Are open and receptive to honesty regarding IT needs

If you’re looking for the right Managed Services Provider, let’s talk.