State-of-the-art tech.
Good for us.
Better for you.

Our Stack

Through a Managed Services Provider (MSP) partner model, you’ll have access to the leading-edge technology that will help propel your business to the next level. We don’t recommend inferior products and services for our customers. We rely on the same products and vendors that we use to support our clients to keep our business running smoothly, too. We use only companies and products we trust and use ourselves.

You may be asking, what, then, does XBASE use to run its business? Here is our technology ‘stack’:

We’ve been there. So you can go there.

Our goal is to help you raise your IT game by leveraging superior technology that may otherwise be out of reach on your own. We give you fast, honest, and clear direction and feedback while providing the IT backbone that supports you for your everyday needs today and positions you to lead your industry tomorrow.

So – go ahead – you do you. We’ll do IT!