Service & value:
always part of the
customer equation

Customer Stories

36 years ago, XBASE signed our first customer, a Toronto-based leader in the logistics and transportation industry.

Today, that company is still our customer. And the only reason that’s happened is because, year after year after year, they continue to get what any company wants from their business relationships: value.

In many ways, the basis of that value hasn’t changed, even if the technology has. Every customer, whether they joined in 1988 or in 2024, is looking for the same thing: fairly-priced Managed IT Services & Support designed to fit their unique needs so that they can grow and thrive in the digital world they encounter every day.

We are honoured to have many customers who are eager to share their stories about how XBASE has made their IT operations “Exponentially Better™”. If you need to speak to any of them before you reach your decision on which Managed Service Provider you choose, please contact us or call 416-613-9565.

XBASE, called to let me know that [our plant] had just dropped off from all the monitoring. This was within minutes of the accident. THAT is service!

– IT Manager

Stanpac Inc.