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Top Cybersecurity Measures for Canadian Businesses

Last year, 90% of Canadian businesses experienced at least one data breach. With online threats becoming the new norm, no organization can afford to be complacent if it wants to stay on the right side of the law and maintain a good reputation.

Making matters worse is the fact that new threats appear constantly thanks to the release of new and untested technologies.

Every business needs a disaster recovery plan

On May 4th, a major wind and rainstorm blew through the city of Toronto, knocking down trees and hydro poles and causing widespread power outages. Toronto Hydro reported that around 21,000 customers were still without power at 7 AM the following day!

It’s worth noting that Toronto Hydro’s customers weren’t just people’s homes.

How much does Apple know about you?

Google. Facebook. Amazon. These tech giants collect data from us the moment we sign up for their products and services. Some information we willingly surrender (like our name and email address) and others they collect from the services we use (like the sites we visit or the people we contact). Does Apple collect as much […]

5 new features for Outlook

Lately, Microsoft has given some love to Outlook — not just the desktop app, but also the web and app versions. In fact, they just released a bunch of new and improved features. Let’s take a look. #1 RSVP Outlook makes it fairly simple to invite people to a meeting, but now it will also […]

Mobile devices in the field

Field workers. You see them every day. And you notice that they, too, use mobile devices, as now more than ever do they need to stay connected with their organizations to stay in business. This is where mobile performance management, a critical factor for any field worker to perform and finish tasks on time, comes […]

How to tighten up Android security

Critical Android security issues have become somewhat of the norm in recent months. Hackers are developing a record number of cyberattacks that could compromise your mobile operating system and they’re having more success than ever before. But there are some things you can do to tighten up your Android security, and most of the features […]

How important is cyber liability insurance to you?

First off, you need to ask yourself: What exactly is cyber liability insurance? This is a type of insurance that protects your business from financial losses, business disruption, or reputational damage that can occur from failure or problems associated with your information technology systems.

Windows 10 makes it easy to back up files

Businesses rely on computers for their daily operations, so getting afflicted by ransomware is devastating. It blocks access to all data, which can result in financial losses and the company closing down temporarily or permanently. Fortunately, Windows offers built-in tools and cloud storage options so you won’t have to fear data loss.

How to Choose a Cloud Backup Provider

It is always better to be safe than sorry. And given the fact that files can disappear or be corrupted in an instant, small businesses need robust data backup systems in place. Without one, you could very well lose lots of money and have your hard-earned reputation irrevocably damaged.

Don’t give social media hackers a chance

Pranksters, malicious attackers, extremists — hackers come in different forms, but they all have one thing in mind: compromising your online privacy and security. Some of them specialize in hacking social media, but don’t fret; there are several things you can do to protect your Facebook or Twitter account.

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