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Things to consider when setting an IT Budget

Small- and medium-sized businesses need to carefully budget their IT expenses in order to be successful. After all, you can't just go around purchasing cutting-edge technologies just because some magazine article told you to. As a business owner, you want to purchase the essentials -- the technologies that boost productivity, eliminate pain points, and ensure business continuity.

3 Surprising applications of blockchain

Most people associate blockchain technology with Bitcoin, the infamous digital currency that rose to fame in 2017. But blockchain technology is not tied to financial transactions, and it’s creating all sorts of exciting opportunities for faster, more secure information exchange — see for yourself! What is blockchain? Blockchain, like the cloud, is more of a […]

How to calculate the TCO of VoIP

Choosing whether or not to deploy VoIP phone systems is an easy decision. But choosing a system that works for your business can be difficult, with all the products, vendors, features, and data plans available. Oftentimes, however, selecting a VoIP system comes down to calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO). What is TCO? The […]

Microsoft announces new features for Teams

Microsoft has recently announced new features for Microsoft Teams. These features are expected to bring users greater convenience and improved communication, and ultimately increase its appeal to a wider market. Cortana Integration One new feature that Microsoft will bring to Teams is Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant.

Windows 10: New Accessibility Features

Microsoft is working on improvements for Windows 10’s accessibility features, which will be introduced later in the year. Some of these are already available to preview through the Insider Program, but everyone else will have to wait. Here’s what’s coming: Better Ease of Access settings Some users rarely tinker with their computer’s accessibility settings because […]

Red Flags to Watch Out for When Choosing a Managed Services Provider

It takes technology to grow your business; it streamlines processes, enhances collaboration, and boosts productivity. And with a managed services provider (MSP) at your side, you can experience these benefits sooner.

However, not all MSPs are suitable for your company, and because of the myriad options available, you may end up with a subpar provider that adds no value to your business.

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