Don’t believe these disaster recovery myths

Modern technology changes rapidly, but not all businesses can match its pace. When it comes to disaster recovery (DR), for instance, we see business owners clinging to ideas that no longer apply. It’s high time you learn the truth about the following DR myths so you can stop believing them.

Things Unknown: A Disaster Story, Chapter One

Using “Riders on the Storm” as a ringtone seemed like a good idea at the time. Looking at your phone displaying 4:42 a.m., however, made it seem more like a cruel joke.

“Hello” you mumbled sleepily, already beginning to sense impending doom.

“Sorry to wake you, Alex – it’s Michael at the monitoring company.

Reasons to back up your mobile devices

Companies such as Apple, Samsung, and others have turned mobile phones into mini-computers that can serve as a substitute for your laptop, or as a storage device. If you’re using a smartphone as a communications and storage device, backing up now would be a wise move.

Disaster recovery myths you can dismiss

Technology changes so rapidly. With disaster recovery (DR), we see business owners clinging to ideas that no longer apply. What kind of DR myths are still widely accepted by the masses? Here are three that need to be retired immediately. 

Tape backups are the best DR solution
Backup tapes are physical objects that deteriorate over time.