Top ways an MSP strengthens your business’s cybersecurity

Top ways an MSP strengthens your business’s cybersecurity

It's no secret that businesses, regardless of industry or size, are under constant attack from cyberthreats. As such, you need to have a robust cybersecurity strategy to protect your company from these threats. However, creating one can be difficult if your business doesn’t have the resources or expertise. That's where managed IT services providers (MSPs) like XBASE Technologies can help.

MSPs are third parties that offer a wide range of IT services, including cybersecurity, that can be invaluable when it comes to protecting your business from various cyberattacks. Here are the top ways an MSP can bolster your cybersecurity defences.

Using best-in-class security solutions

An MSP can help your business select, install, and maintain security solutions that meet your specific needs. These could include firewalls, endpoint protection, threat intelligence services, identity and access management systems, data encryption technology, and more. By using these solutions in combination with one another, you can create a comprehensive defence against cyberthreats.

Developing robust policies and procedures

Having strong cybersecurity policies and procedures is necessary to ensure that everyone takes appropriate measures for keeping your business secure. An MSP can help you develop effective policies for asset protection, user access control, data governance, network security configuration, patch management processes, incident response protocols, and other critical security standards.

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Performing regular vulnerability assessments

An MSP can conduct regular vulnerability assessments to uncover potential weak spots in your IT infrastructure that malicious actors could exploit. This provides you with visibility into any areas of concern so that these can be addressed quickly.

Conducting penetration tests

An MSP can conduct penetration testing in which they will launch simulated attacks on various parts of your IT network to identify any vulnerabilities. They have the expertise to conduct these tests without disrupting operations or leaving any damage behind.

Training staff in cybersecurity best practices

Employees should be able to follow cybersecurity best practices to protect sensitive information from cybercriminals. An MSP can provide cybersecurity awareness training on topics such as password management, social engineering tactics, data privacy regulations, cloud computing safety tips, online safety guidelines, and much more.

Creating an incident response plan

An experienced MSP can help you develop an incident response plan that outlines exactly what steps will be taken if an attack is detected. This enables you to be prepared ahead of time rather than having to scramble when security incidents occur unexpectedly. It also allows you to handle a cyberattack quickly and minimize its impact on your organization’s operations and reputation.

Monitoring networks 24/7

With 24/7 monitoring services, you know that someone has an eye on your IT environment at all times, looking out for any suspicious activity or anomalies that could indicate a potential breach or attack is underway. This proactive approach helps keep threats at bay before they cause serious problems.

Encrypting data

MSPs can advise on which encryption protocols are best suited for your specific environment, as well as how to configure and implement these correctly. They also have the experience and expertise to set up secure communication channels, such as those that use virtual private networks or Secure Shell for remote access.

Also, MSPs can help ensure that all data is encrypted and secure, whether it's stored locally on a server or in the cloud. They can also enable multifactor authentication and help with setting up and managing robust encryption keys for maximum data protection, especially for data in transit.

Staying current with regulatory compliance requirements

Many industries require adherence not just to internal security policies but also to external regulations, such as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Staying on top of these changing compliance requirements can be quite challenging, but an experienced MSP will have the expertise needed to ensure that your infrastructure and processes follow the law.

XBASE Technologies can help strengthen your organization's cybersecurity by providing comprehensive services, from implementing strong cybersecurity safeguards to creating detailed incident response plans to ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements. With us as your partner, you are secure that your IT environment is protected against any potential threats. Get in touch today.