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Top 6 Benefits of Using Managed Cloud Services for Small Businesses

These days, more and more savvy small business owners are turning to managed cloud service providers in Toronto to alleviate some of their IT-related stresses. By doing so, they can significantly reduce inefficiencies in their IT processes, save money, mitigate risk, gain a competitive advantage, and much more.

To mitigate ransomware damage, you need an effective backup and recovery plan

For Toronto organizations that heavily depend on IT systems to function, ransomware is a threat that cannot be ignored. Just last August, a threat group calling itself DarkSide claimed to have victimized a billion-dollar Toronto-based company. Beyond disabling the company’s IT systems with ransomware, the group said that they compromised files containing business plans, employee files, and financial records.

Data storage: HDD and SSD defined

When purchasing new computers, buyers used to have limited choices when it came to what kind of storage they got with their laptop or desktop PCs. But nowadays you can configure your system with either traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), increasingly common solid state drives (SSDs), or in some cases both. Here’s a comparison of […]

Is your web browser safe enough?

Web browsers are gateways to the internet, which is why you should care about how they transmit and store sensitive information. In an era where too much security is never enough, you need your browser to also have built-in cybersecurity features. But which web browser is the safest? Read on. Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge, Windows […]

What are Microsoft 365 Groups connectors?

Microsoft 365 Groups is a cross-application service that lets users choose the people with whom they want to collaborate and share resources, such as a document library or a Microsoft Outlook inbox. And with its connectors feature, anyone can send information — even those from third-party apps — to the rest of the group right […]

How business intelligence can help small businesses

Before, hiring specialists to analyze business data entailed costs that only large companies could afford. This was one of the reasons why small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) were hesitant to implement business intelligence (BI). But times have changed. SMBs now have access to a vast range of business tools that can improve data management processes. […]

What’s in store for Windows users in 2021?

If you’ve been waiting for updates on Windows 10, here’s some good news and more! Microsoft will very likely release big updates to the OS in 2021. Additionally, the tech giant is expected to introduce new services designed to maximize user experience across a wide range of devices. What’s new on Windows 10? Microsoft tends […]

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