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Why is using cloud-native security solutions important when your business is in the cloud?

Data is valuable to companies and cybercriminals alike, so when businesses in Toronto and across Canada started migrating their data and applications to the cloud, malicious actors followed suit. While cloud providers now implement stringent security protocols in their physical data centres and virtual networks, data breaches and tampering still occur, mostly because of cloud customers’ shortcomings.

Microsoft 365 migration fail: 6 errors to avoid

More and more organizations across the globe are migrating their data and systems to Microsoft 365. If you’re thinking about making the move yourself, take note of the following common mistakes to ensure your migration is successful and hassle-free. Not having enough bandwidth Migrating your files and systems over to Microsoft 365 requires a large […]

Use these Firefox features to work more efficiently

Firefox isn’t the most popular browser today — that honor goes to Google Chrome. But Firefox has a devoted set of users who find it to be the better browser. If you’re one of those people, here are some tips to make the most of Firefox. Customizable Firefox toolbar Choose which tools you want to […]

Does my small business need a private cloud?

Servers are very powerful machines that can provide processing power and data storage to many users at once. These machines are what public clouds are made of. A public cloud is often compared to a condominium where tenants rent a bit of space and pay association dues to enjoy shared amenities such as elevators and services such as maintenance.

7 Types of video content for effective marketing

If you want to reach more potential customers, nothing beats creating a video to market your products and services, your brand, or your core business values. Here are seven types of video content you can take advantage of to appeal to your intended audience. Business introduction or behind-the-scenes If your company lacks an online presence, […]

Here are some ransomware decryptor sites you should keep handy

Ransomware is on the rise, but falling victim to one is not the end of the world. You can try some of these ransomware decryptors and maybe one of them will work. These are especially useful against automated “zombie” ransomware types. The state of ransomware in 2021 so far Businesses need to deal with ransomware […]

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