7 Tips to keep your hybrid workforce secure

7 Tips to keep your hybrid workforce secure

As companies increasingly adopt hybrid work, businesses must make cybersecurity an even bigger priority. This is because hybrid workers are exposed to more security risks compared to on-site workers.

To keep your Ontario hybrid workforce secure, here are seven best practices to implement.

1. Establish clear security policies and procedures

Hybrid work is relatively new, so many businesses have not yet established comprehensive security policies and procedures regarding the arrangement. If this sounds like your organization, you need to develop and communicate hybrid security protocols to your staff right away.

More specifically, you may want to focus on topics such as mobile device security, password management, and social media use, which are all relevant to hybrid workers. Doing so will help everyone understand their roles and responsibilities in keeping data secure in a hybrid work setup.

2. Provide security training for all employees

All employees, regardless of their position and location, should undergo regular security training so they can best protect company data. This is because even the most security-savvy individuals can make mistakes that put your organization at risk, such as clicking on malware-laden links.

Additionally, it's important to keep your employees' security training up to date. This means providing new and updated information on threats as they emerge, as well as training employees on security infrastructure and policy changes.

Sending out monthly newsletters via email or posting regular updates on your company’s messaging platform can also help employees stay on top of everything related to cybersecurity.

3. Implement security measures for all devices

Whether employees are working remotely or on site, all their devices should be equipped with password protection, encryption, and multifactor authentication, among other security measures.

You should also have mobile device management (MDM) in place, which will give you the ability to remotely manage and monitor all business-registered devices. In case of device loss or theft, MDM also enables you to remotely wipe the device clean of sensitive data.

4. Connect remotely using a virtual private network (VPN)

When employees are working remotely, they should use a VPN to connect to the company network. This will encrypt all data transmitted between their device and your internal systems, and will make it appear as if they are accessing your data on site. This makes it much more difficult for attackers to intercept and steal sensitive information.

5. Restrict access to sensitive data

Per the principle of least privilege, users should only be given the bare minimum permissions they need to get their job done. For example, only employees who absolutely need to view records containing Social Insurance numbers should be given access to them. Regulating data access prevents users from abusing or misusing their access credentials and reduces the likelihood of data breaches.

6. Proactively monitor network activity

Round-the-clock monitoring allows you to catch suspicious activity early and contain security incidents before they can cause catastrophic damage. Monitoring can be done by using a variety of tools, such as intrusion detection and prevention systems, data loss prevention solutions, and security information and event management tools.

7. Perform regular security audits

A security audit should be conducted at least once a year, with the goal of identifying any weaknesses in your system so that these can be addressed before attackers exploit them.

When conducting a security audit, consider both physical and cybersecurity risks. For example, you may want to check that all locks on doors and windows are working and that all computer systems and networks are up to date with the latest security patches.

By adopting the aforementioned practices, you can create a culture of security among your hybrid workers and better protect your company against security threats.

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