7 Mobile security tips to secure your data in the mobile-first era

7 Mobile security tips to secure your data in the mobile-first era

Mobile security should be a top priority for businesses for two reasons. One, with more and more employees working remotely and customers increasingly using mobile devices to access information, cybercriminals have more entry points that they can exploit and use to infiltrate systems. Two, mobile devices are prone to theft or loss. This means anyone who gets a hold of your company device because of these circumstances may access the data the device contains or even use the device to connect to your internal systems.

To secure your data in the mobile-first era, follow these seven steps.

1. Implement a zero trust strategy

Zero trust assumes that all users and devices are untrusted and this policy thus requires user authentication prior to giving access to any data or applications. This strategy can be helpful, especially if a mobile device gets lost or stolen. By asking users to verify their identity even with a known device, zero trust can prevent unauthorized users from logging in to apps and accessing company data.

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2. Use strong authentication processes

Enable multifactor authentication (MFA) for all your online accounts. With MFA, a user is required to present two or more pieces of evidence, called factors, to prove their identity before they can access any account. These factors could be:

  • Something they know, such as a password
  • Something they possess, such as a code sent to their phone
  • Something they are, such as a fingerprint

By requiring more identity verification factors, MFA makes it harder for attackers to access your accounts.

3. Leverage mobile device management (MDM) solutions

MDM software allows you to remotely manage and monitor employee mobile devices so you can keep track of which devices have access to company data and ensure that only authorized devices can access sensitive information.

This solution is critical in the event of mobile device loss or theft, as it enables administrators to wipe data from the device or prevent the device from being used to access your data.

4. Encrypt all company data

Encrypting all company data at rest (i.e., data that is not being used) and in transit (i.e., data that is being sent from one location to another) is essential to mobile device security. Encryption jumbles up data so that it is readable only it can be read only by users who have the decryption key. This makes company data undecipherable to cybercriminals even if they can get their hands on any of your mobile devices.

5. Have a comprehensive mobile security policy

Your mobile security policy should cover all aspects of data security, from how data is stored and accessed to what employees can do with company data on their personal devices. Make sure that all employees, from the C-level to entry-level positions, are aware of and understand the policy so that they can help enforce it.

6. Educate employees on mobile security

Every single one of your employees should understand the risks associated with using their mobile devices for work. They should also be equipped with skills that help protect company data, such as knowing how to spot and report phishing scams. Moreover, they should follow cybersecurity best practices, such as never recycling or sharing passwords.

7. Regularly back up data

Company data may be affected when mobile devices get lost or damaged, so make sure that it is backed up regularly and that employees know how to access the backup files. Choose a backup solution that meets the specific needs of your business and regularly test and update your backup strategy to ensure that it works as it should.

Mobile devices have become essential tools for businesses of all sizes. However, as more and more businesses store sensitive data on these devices, these gadgets become increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. By following the tips in this article, you can properly secure your company data in the mobile-first era.

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