Kim Coulter (No Title)

XBASE Technologies has been our IT Managed Service Provider for almost 10 years. As a Not For Profit (NFP) organization we have to exercise due diligence in contracting our services with a focus on transparency, quality and price. XBASE has been awarded the contract for two consecutive periods after extensive RFP processes. They continue to stand out as an organization focused on quality and service delivery. We continue to be extremely satisfied with XBASE. Their level of technical expertise and response to customer needs are impressive. We see them as not just our IT Managed Service Provider but as a partner in ensuring we provide our staff and our clients with the best service possible.

In these economic times, even as a NFP we need to ensure we are as efficient and effective as possible in how we manage our business. Having had services from other companies and also having attempted to manage these services in house, I can honestly say…….it makes no business sense to sacrifice quality for cost. As a NFP, costs are important to us. XBASE has worked with us to design business solutions that are focus on quality but also are cost effective. Thank you for being a great business partner.

President & CEO
JVS Toronto