Safeguard your iPhone from phishing

Phishing scams have been around for years, and they’ve gotten smarter with time. Recently, criminals have been targeting iPhone users through a voice phishing scam that makes the call appear like it’s coming from Apple Support. Fortunately, there are simple but effective tips so you don’t fall prey to this notorious scheme. If you receive […]

Don’t let hackers fool you with these tricks

The volume of malicious cyber attacks is increasing every year. Although many companies use the latest network security systems, they aren’t immune to the hackers’ favorite strategy — social engineering. Unlike malware, social engineering tricks people into volunteering sensitive data.

Beware of Disaster Related Scams

Hurricane Harvey is all over the news because of the massive flooding in the Gulf area of Texas… And any time there is a disaster, the scammers are out in full-force.

There are fake Facebook pages, fake twitter accounts and of course, phishing emails being sent by these criminals, with heart-breaking stories with links to malware and fake donation sites… all hoping to profit from people’s desire to help those in need.