Why hire an MSP when you already have an internal IT team?

Why hire an MSP when you already have an internal IT team?

Organizations have a variety of options when it comes to managing their IT needs. Some have an internal team of IT experts, while others prefer to hire a third-party managed IT services provider (MSP). Some businesses also choose to take advantage of the best of both worlds by partnering with an MSP on top of hiring an in-house IT team.

This setup may seem over the top at first glance, but for many businesses, it makes perfect sense. Should you also partner with an MSP even if you already have your own IT team? Consider the following MSP benefits to help you make an informed decision.

Reduced costs

A reliable and knowledgeable MSP has the tools and experience needed to prevent IT problems before they occur. This helps reduce costly downtime and repairs, which your business would have to handle alone if you were to keep all IT services in house.

Additionally, many MSPs offer custom solutions designed to address a business’s specific needs while charging a flat fee that fits within most budgets, rather than an hourly rate. This allows you to invest in the IT solutions you require while maintaining predictable costs.

Access to deeper knowledge and wider expertise

An experienced MSP can extend the capabilities of your business’s IT team by providing access to a wider range of knowledge and expertise than what is available in house. In this way, you gain access to specialized skill sets without having to invest in new hires or training programs. The larger pool of resources also guarantees that your organization has the latest technologies and strategies for tackling complex IT challenges, ensuring that you make the most of your tech investments.

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More efficient management of workloads, resources, and processes

If you want to better manage your workloads, resources, and processes, hire an MSP that can take over these tasks. A capable MSP can identify potential problem areas that could be optimized, then develop strategic plans and offer specialized services to address these concerns.

This not only helps you improve efficiency but also creates more time for your IT team to focus on other areas of your business. Rather than devoting their attention and resources to rigorous maintenance routines, your internal team can dedicate their efforts to higher-level objectives such as building innovative solutions or launching new initiatives.


Because technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, your business must constantly evaluate and adjust its strategies to keep up with the changes and stay ahead of the competition. An MSP can help you maintain an edge by providing crucial insight into the business and technology landscape, all while providing access to the latest IT tools and systems and expert-level technical support and maintenance services.

You can also benefit from an MSP’s vendor management services, which can help reduce overhead costs for things like contract negotiation, software deployment, budgeting assistance, and more, so you can get best-in-class solutions while keeping expenses in check.

Should you hire an MSP even if you have an internal IT team?

Ultimately, partnering with an MSP is all about reducing operational risks while increasing efficiency. So if you're looking to achieve those, partnering with an MSP is definitely a move you won't regret.

With both an internal IT team and an MSP by your side, you can successfully integrate technology into your operations and maximize your business potential. Your IT team will be able to take on more specialized tasks and drive innovation within your organization, while the MSP will be there to ensure your business runs smoothly and experience fewer IT problems. This setup enables you to gain crucial support at all times while remaining in control of your mission-critical IT.

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