Top 6 Benefits of Using Managed Cloud Services for Small Businesses

Top 6 Benefits of Using Managed Cloud Services for Small Businesses

These days, more and more savvy small business owners are turning to managed cloud service providers in Toronto to alleviate some of their IT-related stresses. By doing so, they can significantly reduce inefficiencies in their IT processes, save money, mitigate risk, gain a competitive advantage, and much more.

If you’re not sure whether working with a managed service provider in Toronto is the right move for your business, we’ve compiled a list of the top six benefits of managed cloud services for small businesses.

1. Service Assurance – You Are Not Alone

When you work with a managed service provider in Toronto, you get peace-of-mind knowing that a team of qualified IT professionals has your back.

Some providers will even go the extra mile. At XBASE Technologies, we continuously monitor your cloud environment. We can minimize the impact of disasters by backing up servers and server applications and we are available 24/7 to provide live support. If an issue occurs, we will be ready to mitigate the problem and keep your cloud infrastructure running without interruption.

Have you ever heard the term “one throat to choke?” Well, another benefit of managed cloud service providers is that you have a single point of contact, which helps you identify who is responsible for issues in the event of a service disruption.

2. Disaster Recovery Becomes Easier

Disasters can have a catastrophic impact on your operations in more ways than one—be it directly disrupting operations, preventing your business from resuming operations, or corrupting or erasing critical business data. In fact, recent statistics show that 25% of businesses that go offline from a disaster never re-open. A disaster could be an existential threat.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that a disaster can strike when you least expect it, whether it’s a fire, power outage, or an unprecedented global public health crisis. But, taking preventive measures to safeguard your business against potential disasters can help alleviate the effects of a disaster on your operations.

The right managed service provider in Toronto can provide you with a disaster recovery plan (DRP) as part of their managed IT services. At XBASE, this includes remote backups, remote replication, “live” server replication, and offsite tape storage if desired. Plus, we don’t just back up data, we can also save operating systems, applications, and configurations.

The goal of a disaster recovery plan is to recover the data that will allow your business to get back to regular operations with as little downtime as possible.

3. Better Security

Now, it seems like there are cybersecurity breaches occurring on a regular basis. And it’s not just the big multinational companies that are being targeted either—small firms are witnessing data breaches, as well.

Premier managed service providers in Toronto like XBASE are constantly working on customers’ behalf to minimize the threat of a cyberattack by focusing on prevention and mitigation.

Data loss, whether it’s due to negligence or hardware failures, can be catastrophic. With traditional storage systems in place, there’s a greater chance that your data could be compromised. It’s challenging to keep track of all the vulnerabilities, and it’s even more difficult when your IT team is small, and your business is growing.

With XBASE, our hosting infrastructure consists of three geographically diverse Tier 3 data centers in Southern Ontario—one for communications, one for private hosting, and one for backups. Your data is always protected, and the risk of business downtime is significantly reduced.

4. Availability 24/7

As a reliable and professional managed service provider in Toronto, XBASE uses the latest remote management and monitoring (RMM) tools to safeguard your servers, applications, and network infrastructure—no matter what time it is. In fact, we are often able to identify issues and resolve problems before you even become aware of them.

Managed service providers that provide 24/7 service can also limit downtime for your business by ensuring that all maintenance and updates to your IT structure are conducted during off-hours.

5. Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Small businesses are always changing, whether they are scaling up or scaling down. With managed cloud services, scaling up or scaling down isn’t dependent on your IT infrastructure. Many managed service providers offer easy scalability and lots of flexibility. XBASE will work with you to build a cloud infrastructure that meets your business goals and helps you achieve those goals effortlessly. Best of all, this could be done very quickly and cost effectively, saving you time and money!

If you run a traditional IT infrastructure that isn’t managed by a managed service provider in Toronto, it may cost you more money in the long run to add to your existing infrastructure. Not only will it require a great deal of work and space, but it will also cost you time and energy to hire more people on your IT team.

6. Improved Business Performance

At the end of the day, the goal of all small business owners is to make sure business improves over time—seamlessly and without issues. Managed cloud service providers in Toronto allow business owners to focus on things they do well, such as growing their business rather than spending hours and hours fixing IT-related issues. Plus, you’ll have reassurance knowing that your in-house IT staff can spend more time working on strategic projects, while your managed service provider is monitoring and managing your cloud environment.

Do you have questions about managed cloud services? XBASE Technologies is Toronto's most reliable managed cloud service provider. We are there where and when you need us, and we provide full-service IT support solutions to suit you business’s ever-changing needs. Feel free to give us a call at (416) 340-1020 or email us at We can help your company be “Exponentially Better™”.