Users win with Microsoft Teams’ new features

Users win with Microsoft Teams’ new features

Microsoft has been a market leader in the IT industry for quite some time now, and recently, they’ve shown why this is the case: they never rest on their laurels. Every now and again, competitors may pop up and jump ahead of a Microsoft product in terms of user adoption, but the tech giant only takes this as a challenge to improve its offering. Yay, competition!

This is the case with Microsoft Teams. Its rival, Zoom, dramatically captured a huge chunk of the video conferencing market as organizations all over the world turned to remote working to sustain operations. This spurred Microsoft to upgrade Teams and fight for a greater share of video telephony customers.

Below are some of Teams’ latest features:

Mobile updates for the Microsoft Teams app

According to Statista, nearly 45% of the world’s population has a smartphone. This makes improving the experience of mobile users an excellent strategy for gaining market share.

For instance, Teams is primarily a group chat app, but now it also enables users to switch to video conferencing with a touch of a button. Additionally, the new “Safe” feature allows individuals and groups to store and encrypt sensitive and valuable information (such as home Wi-Fi passwords) on their mobile devices.

Most of the other updates are specific to particular operating systems for mobile devices.


  • Invites for free meetings – Android users can send links inviting people to join online meetings for free, whether or not the invitees have a Teams account.
  • Image uploads – While on the Microsoft Teams app, users can upload image files directly from their photo gallery.
  • Search function – Users can now search within chat dialogs and channels on the Android version of Teams.
“Zoom spurred Microsoft to upgrade Teams and fight for a greater share of video telephony customers.”


  • Option to reduce data consumption – During a video call, users have the option to use less data while the video is on (instead of having to turn the video off).
  • Viewable participants – When in a video call, iPhone users can see up to eight participants at a time (in a 2x4 grid), while iPad users can see up to nine participants (in a 3x3 grid).
  • Single sign-in access – Once a user is signed in to Teams, they’ll also be automatically signed in to the tools and bots they’ve added to Teams that use the same login credentials.
  • Agenda view – Users can check out the agenda of an upcoming meeting and edit it, use it to join the meeting, or share it with their contacts.

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Non-mobile updates

Beyond mobile-exclusive features are new updates that are available to computer users.

  • Easily accessible apps – Teams users can now pin their favorite apps on the left sidebar of the screen, making these immediately accessible.
  • Corporate branding – Enhanced admin controls allow admins to add corporate branding to a Teams meeting.
  • 49-person view – Up to 49 participants can be viewed at once during a video call.
  • 1,000-pax interactive meeting limit – Teams meetings can have up to 1,000 active participants in a meeting. Exceeding this limit automatically turns the meeting to “view only” mode.
  • 20,000-pax “view only” meeting limit – This powerful live streaming feature permits users to hold live events such as concerts, conferences, and corporate mega meetings.

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