What affects the cost of MSP services

What affects the cost of MSP services

More and more small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are relying on managed IT services providers (MSPs) because of their standardized sets of services and attractive pricing. MSPs also benefit from economies of scale, which means they can offer many services, including large-scale software licensing, in bulk or bundles. This, in turn, allows them to offer the same high-level services primary vendors and software producers do, but for a fraction of the price.

While it’s true that there are many ways MSPs can save you money, we also know that it can be difficult to understand what drives MSP’s pricing. Here are some of the key costs that MSPs account for when devising their pricing models:

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Coverage reliability

Service commitments are the foundation of the MSP setup, and as such, providers will go to certain lengths just to ensure they meet promises. When your MSP offers 24/7 live support, it comes with a full complement of people and equipment that's ready to service you at all times. You're covered by a team that can respond at once to any emergencies or even simple inquiries that you may have.

Expertise costs

Expertise isn’t free, and as the old saying goes, “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” In an effort to uphold quality and reliability, reputable MSPs will always make sure that their technicians are highly qualified and well-trained. Technical certifications — such as Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, etc. — are crucial in this industry, as they ensure that the people who handle your network and system are well-qualified.

We guarantee that service levels always remain optimal, and it will help reduce instances of mistakes or errors that will hurt both provider and customer.


Your MSP also provides constant monitoring, which includes live monitoring of your systems as per service level agreement, and monitoring of the constant changes and developments in the tech environment.

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By dutifully monitoring your network, MSPs make sure your network is operating at optimal levels and is safe from both internal and external cyberthreats. And by staying on top of changes in the world of tech, you can be assured you’ll have the latest security updates, the most recent information on industry best practices, and improved vigilance with regards to new threats every day.

Infrastructure investments

Infrastructure is costly: it is often the reason why SMBs are unable to deploy a full-scale in-house IT solution in the first place. MSPs are such an attractive prospect to SMBs because they let them enjoy the capabilities of having a full-sized IT infrastructure without having to spend the corresponding resources it would normally require.

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