IT problems only an MSP can help you resolve

IT problems only an MSP can help you resolve

Growing a business means stretching every dollar. Will that new server bring in new customers, or will it just collect dust, needlessly consuming electricity? Does the IT department need new specialists, or can existing staff take time away from their present tasks to undergo training? What about the latest Somethings-as-a-Service: are those subscriptions worth it, or are they just the newest holes in your budget?

Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) don’t have large budgets, so they need help to create and implement the best IT strategies that directly contribute to their bottom line. This is especially true for complex challenges that require immense IT expertise, experience, and imagination. Below are some of the toughest problems that can only be overcome with the help of managed IT services providers (MSPs).

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Business-IT alignment

With so many IT solutions out there, how can you pick the right one? Reputable MSPs know the IT landscape and are experienced in building solutions that align with the goals of your company.

Want to implement a bring your own device (BYOD) policy to increase productivity without breaking the bank? Beyond building a customized platform of productivity apps for you, trustworthy MSPs will have you consider the security risks to your data. But don’t jump at mobile device management (MDM) solutions just yet! Those are usually for company-issued devices, where you’d have complete jurisdiction over how these are used.

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Cutting-edge MSPs like XBASE Technologies will propose a mobile application management solution instead. This lets users have corporate accounts that are separate from their personal accounts. You can grant and revoke app-level access rights to company files of corporate accounts without ever having to worry about meddling with personal accounts.

The right MSP can help you navigate the ocean of IT options and work with you to arrive at custom-fit solutions that fit your budget and address your short- to long-term strategies.

Cybersecurity and regulations compliance

Long gone are the days when only large enterprises were victimized by cybercriminals. After spending $14 billion on cybersecurity, Canadian businesses learned that hackers find SMBs to be smaller-but-easier marks worth targeting. However, implementing cybersecurity measures can be difficult and expensive. Antivirus programs need constant updating and network vulnerabilities always need guarding.

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Add to your troubles the need to comply with provincial, federal, and international regulations. Whether you’re a simple online dress shirt retailer or a growing not-for-profit, dealing with cyberthreats and regulatory compliance is, in itself, a whole other level of business. You’re better off letting the professionals handle these for you.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Disruptions to your operations can be costly. How do you plan to address customer concerns or fulfill online sales during a power outage? If you’re a healthcare provider, how soon can you recover your patients’ medical records after a destructive flood?

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By partnering up with a reliable MSP, you can develop disaster recovery plans as part of business continuity initiatives. The former is a strategy for resuming the critical processes of your business during and after a calamitous event, while the latter is a method for retrieving data and recovering systems as soon as possible to ensure your business’s survival.

Of course, firms such as yours can opt to try and cope with these challenges alone, but those who are able to take advantage of the expertise of an experienced MSP tend to get back on their feet the quickest and grab the opportunities that being prepared provides.

The Information Age poses IT problems that can only be resolved by those who can access and leverage the right resources. Let the experts at XBASE Technologies help take you to the next level. All it takes to start is a free consultation.

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