Managed Services

Let the XBASE team take care of your IT needs

Focus on your business strategy while we resolve your day-to-day technology issues.

XBASE Technologies’ CompleteCare Managed IT Services provides unlimited support of your IT environment on a flat rate fee. There are no hidden charges for overages. Our service scales up or down as needed to allow for changes in your environment. We offer the flexibility of providing full service IT support solutions or augmenting your internal IT support team. We are there where and when you need us.

24/7 Monitoring

XBASE uses the latest in remote management and monitoring (RMM) tools to continuously monitor the health of your servers, applications, and network infrastructure. You get peace of mind knowing that a team of experts is always monitoring your infrastructure so they can immediately address ANY issues and keep your infrastructure running.

Backup Management

We manage your backups for servers and server applications. A daily check of the backup logs ensures that data isn’t lost. Every quarter, we also test backup media and provide a detailed quarterly report. Additional services include full disaster recovery services, tape backups, and long-term tape archival storage.

Service Desk

We are at your service 24/7 with unlimited support for any of your infrastructure-related issues. Service requests are recorded into our ticketing system, where they are monitored to ensure a quick response and rapid resolution.


How is your network performing? Our reports answer just that, providing insight into your operations -- infrastructure performance, asset inventory, service desk performance, utilization, trending, and more.

Stop worrying about technology and get to work on your business. Our #1 objective is to take away your IT pains so you can focus on what you do best. Regardless of whether you have no internal IT support or you have a full IT department, we can keep your IT at its optimum 24/7. Just like we’ve done for our clients in the Toronto area for the past 28 years.

Our Managed IT Services let you outsource the daily grind of managing your IT. In other words, we maintain and resolve any issues you have with your servers, network, workstations, phone systems, and, most importantly, your data.

Why a Partner Approach?

When it comes to running a business, everything always boils down to money and time. Working with a Managed IT Services Provider will always provide better value than buying your own equipment, hiring in-house staff, and performing maintenance and troubleshooting IT issues on your own. Repetitive tasks also take time – valuable time that you and your IT staff could spend on optimizing your technology instead of putting out IT fires.

Check Out Our Additional Managed Services Offerings:

  • Patch Management - Keeping your servers up-to-date is a grind. We ensure that the latest critical Microsoft security patches are installed and updated during an off-hour maintenance window to ensure minimal impact on users’ ability to work.
  • User Account Management - XBASE manages all Active Directory user account-related activities including account creation, deletion, security access, account lockouts, and password resets.
  • XBASE Business Reviews - In these regularly scheduled reviews, we will discuss your business goals and how to build an IT infrastructure that will help you achieve them.
  • Server Hosting - Our hosting infrastructure consists of three geographically diverse Tier 3 data centers in Southern Ontario. All sites are connected via Gb fiber with redundant backup circuits so you’re always connected to your data.
  • Regular Operations Meetings - We manage it, but it’s your network and you deserve to know how it’s being run. These meetings allow a regular review of issues, projects, and reports for you to understand the health of your network and help desk activity.
  • ISP/Web Host Management - Nothing is more basic business dial tone than your website. We resolve issues and changes to service between your ISP and Web hosting provider.

The Benefits Of Managed IT Services

  • Predictable budgeting with one flat fee
  • Access to a higher level of technology without having to pay the full cost for capital expenditures, ongoing upgrades, IT staffing, and maintenance expenses. Our trusted partners’ (who help us run OUR business) capabilities are at your fingertips
  • Having one point of contact for vendor management simplifies trying to identify who is responsible for issues and vendor management
  • Proactive management of the network allows preventative maintenance of equipment as well as immediate fault notification
  • Free your internal IT staff from network support so they can focus on strategic projects
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guarantee predictable responses and fast resolution times for network problems and establish what is and isn’t covered in the relationship

What We Deliver As Your MSP

  • Predictable budgeting with one flat fee
  • Helpdesk support – located in Toronto, available 24/7
  • Proactive monitoring of servers and network infrastructure, including security
  • Proactive maintenance – patching and system optimization
  • Best practice implementation
  • Backup and disaster recovery management
  • Application support for line of business and common applications
  • Virtual CIO services – strategy planning, budgeting, special projects