Frequently Asked Questions – Managed IT Services

If you’re looking for expert managed IT services for your business, then check out our FAQ for the answers to some of the most common industry questions.

1. What is a managed IT services provider

Managed IT services providers are third-party information technology (IT) companies that remotely manage your business’s digital infrastructural operations to ensure complete data security, accuracy, and consistency across a multitude of platforms. Outsourced managed IT services protect your business from malicious online hackers and data security threats or breaches.

2. Why do I need IT managed support services?

Running your own business is time-consuming and challenging enough without the added pressure of being tasked with securing and monitoring your IT infrastructure and digital footprint. Professional and trustworthy IT support in Toronto from XBASE Technologies ensures that all of your cloud-based back-end operations are continuously monitored and backed up in case of a security breach the requires data migration. Plus, we have access to a number of sophisticated software platforms that allow us to completely mitigate potential security threats and ensure that all of your business data is safe and retrievable at all times.

3. What makes us a good managed IT services provider?

At XBASE Technologies, we know a thing or two about the IT industry. A great managed IT service provider isn’t just some third-party company that manages your IT systems. We’re strategic partners that always have your best interest at heart.

That distinction means we have a vested interest in helping you succeed and effectively reach your professional goals, so that you can grow your business without compromising your data security. Our job is to enhance your customer experience by providing top-notch services, troubleshooting issues whenever you need it, performing a myriad of IT-related tasks, and consistently monitoring the health of your online systems.

4. What do managed services providers do?

We provide managed IT solutions and support services for businesses in Toronto. Whether you’re a start-up that needs additional support or a small business that’s looking to expand your enterprise into new markets, we can help you get there by taking a load off your plate.

We can handle all of your day-to-day technical issues, monitor the health of your online systems, and make all necessary updates, so that you can focus on what matters most: managing your business and keeping your customers satisfied.

5. How do I choose a managed IT services provider in Toronto?

Choosing the right managed IT services provider in Toronto is absolutely crucial to the success and online safety of your business. Remember, you’re not just another client to us. We view you as a valuable business partner. It’s important to work with a managed IT services provider that always has your best interest at heart. With that in mind, our team will create and manage a custom-tailored IT infrastructure that’s perfectly suited for your business and is adaptable enough to facilitate professional expansion.

6. What is included in IT managed solutions in Toronto?

At XBASE Technologies, our managed IT services are Exponentially Better™ than our competitors because we perform the following tasks:

  • Ensure network strength and reliable network connectivity at all times
  • Provide exceptional security and compliance services
  • Provide an expansive and personalized network infrastructure
  • Perform disaster recovery tasks
  • Provide extensive cloud services
  • Provide 24/7 remote monitoring of all network systems