5 Technologies every SMB must have

5 Technologies every SMB must have

There’s a misconception that business IT solutions are prohibitively expensive and are meant only for big companies with complicated processes. Because of this, small- and medium-sized business (SMB) owners tend to view IT investments as merely an additional operational expense instead of a necessity.

The truth is that there are technology solutions for every business size and budget — even for your SMB in Ontario. The trick is to find the right IT partner to help you implement critical IT solutions that won't put a huge dent on your budgets. What’s more, both big and small businesses have problems that can be solved by introducing IT solutions into the picture.

Nowadays, there is just no reason why every growing business should not invest in IT. In any case, here are five crucial technologies your SMB shouldn’t do without:

1. Data management solutions

Businesses handle various kinds of data every day, and these can pile up and get disorganized very quickly if left unchecked. And while it’s crucial to monitor, store, organize, and maintain data, doing so can be tedious and tiring, especially if done manually.

A managed IT services provider (MSP) like XBASE Technologies can help you manage your day-to-day IT tasks, including data management, so you can focus on advancing your business. XBASE also offers 24/7 monitoring, which guarantees someone is always watching over your systems and making sure that there are no interruptions, inconsistencies, or unauthorized access.

2. Cybersecurity measures

About 43% of all cyberattacks target SMBs, and this figure continues to rise annually. This is because SMBs don’t have extensive cybersecurity measures in place that larger corporations usually have, making them easy targets for cybercriminals.

For SMBs, cybersecurity isn't an option — it's a necessity

For SMBs, cybersecurity isn't an option — it's a necessity. Without a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, your organization remains vulnerable to millions of threats on the internet. Partnering with a cybersecurity expert will help you mitigate risks, increase compliance, and protect your most valuable assets.

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3. Backup and recovery solutions

Having a working backup and recovery strategy helps businesses resume operations as soon as possible after a disaster. It enables IT admins to restore systems within the recovery time objective and ensures the availability and accuracy of the most recent data.

On the other hand, failing to prepare for a disaster can lead to prolonged downtime, severe infrastructure damage, lost customers, or even permanent business shutdown.

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4. eCommerce marketing tools

The pandemic has driven customers to explore alternative ways of engaging with businesses. In particular, eCommerce has seen an unprecedented rise due to limited customer mobility during lockdowns. Studies predict that customers will continue to rely on eCommerce platforms for goods and services even post-pandemic.

As such, SMBs looking to keep their current customers and reach a wider audience should invest in eCommerce marketing tools that will enable them to build a strong online presence and make online shopping easier for their customers. Some of these tools even have analytical capabilities, allowing you to study customer behavior so that you can create successful marketing campaigns.

5. Customer relation management software

A solid customer relationship management (CRM) strategy is essential in keeping a healthy relationship with your clients, allowing you to repeat businesses, generate leads, and close more sales. CRM can help you manage your SMB’s interactions with both your existing and potential customers, so you can better streamline sales efforts and improve overall profitability. Without it, you may miss out on opportunities to build relationships that are crucial to business growth.

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