Cloud computing: What’s holding you back?

Cloud computing: What’s holding you back?

Using the cloud is a cost-effective way for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to expand their capabilities without overstretching themselves. Instead of having to buy their own machines or pay expensive lifetime licenses for software, SMBs can just rent out IT infrastructure and subscribe to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) at affordable monthly rates.

However, despite these amazing benefits, you may have heard a few odd things about the cloud that keep you from taking advantage of it. Perhaps, those things you may be afraid of are not true at all. Read on to see if your apprehension is based on myths or facts.

Myth #1: Hackers attack the cloud all the time

It is fair to be concerned about data security. However, keeping up with cybersecurity developments and complying with shifting legal landscapes may be too much for small businesses to handle on their own

In this regard, larger and more established cloud service providers are more capable of providing data security. Big names such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google can and do ensure that their clients’ systems are safe from attack and are backed up properly with redundancies and other fail-safes. Although there’s no such thing as 100% foolproof protection against hackers, relying on a reputable cloud provider can greatly mitigate the risks.

Myth #2: Cloud service providers are unreliable

When storing data in-house, problems with connectivity and data security can arise during extraordinary events such as flash floods and power outages. One may go so far as to assume that the same thing happens to cloud service providers, making the cloud unreliable.

But contrary to that notion, the cloud can actually be used to secure data precisely from those kinds of events. In fact, managed IT service providers (MSPs) can work with you to build business continuity and disaster recovery plans. These incorporate strategies such as backing up data in multiple locations so that you’ll always have redundancies in case of emergencies.

Myth #3: Using the cloud is complex

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the cloud exists so that businesses like yours can enjoy IT resources without having to buy new machines and allocate staff to handle the responsibilities that owning such resources entails.

For instance, you don’t have to worry about the repair and maintenance of IT infrastructure, or have to always be on top of software updates and security patches. Instead, you’ll have more time to focus on your true core competency: your business.

Myth #4: Cloud service providers always lock you in to certain levels of service

This one depends on whom you choose as your IT partner. When your business grows, acquiring additional IT resources can take just one phone call to your MSP, provided that that MSP has the flexibility you need. Exceptional service providers such as XBASE Technologies let you scale up or down as your business requires — you only ever have to pay for what you use when you’re using the cloud.

Furthermore, there is now a myriad of cloud services to suit your particular needs. For instance, when it comes to data storage, there is an option for data archives that are rarely accessed, as well as options for storing data that is frequently accessed and backed up. Simply pick and choose the services you need.

Myth #5: The cloud is a money drain

Investing in assets require funding. How much of your reserves you’re going to allocate will depend on your strategy. For IT infrastructure, in particular, you’ll need to spend on monthly subscription fees if you choose to implement cloud solutions, but these operational expenses are considerably easier on the pocket compared to building and maintaining your infrastructure in-house. Consider the following:

  • Upfront cost of machines
  • Upfront cost of lifetime software licenses
  • Salaries of in-house IT staff
  • Hardware repair and maintenance costs
  • Software update and upgrade costs
  • Cybersecurity monitoring and maintenance costs

These costs of ownership are all initially borne by cloud service providers and are spread across their many clients, making the cloud the more affordable option for SMBs and large enterprises alike.

Don’t let fake news about cloud computing hold you back from growing your company. Turn to our experts at XBASE to learn more about how our Exponentially Better™ IT services can help you leverage the cloud.