"Extremely satisfied with XBASE"

“Extremely satisfied with XBASE”

XBASE Technologies has been our IT Managed Service Provider for almost 10 years. As a Not For Profit (NFP) organization we have to exercise due diligence in contracting our services with a focus on transparency, quality and price. XBASE has been awarded the contract for two consecutive periods after ...Read More

Kim Coulter
President & CEO
JVS Toronto

"The team is always there to respond and resolve the issues"

“The team is always there to respond and resolve the issues”

The care and concern that the XBASE team has provided goes above and beyond. In normal day to day situations, the team is always there to respond and resolve the issues. But more importantly, in a critical situation, they work with us, keep us updated and in every case have been able to analyze and resolve our situations in a timely manner.

Cheaper options do exist. We have tried cheaper options (several as a matter of fact) and none have compared to XBASE and the level of service we received. Although it may seem to be a cheaper option, the time to resolve an issue was much greater, causing more downtime and more cost as they did not have the technical depth that we found in the XBASE team.

Steve Sprague
Corporate IT and SAP Project Manager
Bailey Metal Products Limited

"XBASE is always up to the challenge"

“XBASE is always up to the challenge”

XBASE has been providing IT services and solutions to Skyway Canada for over 8 years. Whether it be first line support or planning complex projects such as disaster recovery or data warehousing, XBASE has delivered in all areas of IT. XBASE is always up to the challenge and has come through when I have needed them the most.

XBASE has provided great value in the services they provide and I consider them to be a Tier 1 service provider in my book. Access to experts in all areas of IT are just a phone call away and are available to myself at a fraction of the cost it would be to employee a department with similar resources. XBASE provides us the flexibility we need with budget friendly proposals and always offer good, better, best solutions as required. We see great value in XBASE services and that is exactly the reason why services to Skyway have more than tripled over the years.

Jay Sisican
IT Manager
Skyway Canada

"Overall I am very happy with the value received"

“Overall I am very happy with the value received”

I like to deal with people I know, and specialists who know my systems. I am not bounced around from one person to another in within their tech support team. XBASE response is usually quick and personal. Knowing that I am dealing with a team of computer geeks makes me feel safe in the hands of XBASE.

John Van Berkum is amazing. Usually it goes with the first impression, and my first impression was John helping me to fire up the system for the first time at 3 am on a Sunday morning!

While XBASE may not be the cheapest service around, they are local (Canadian), we have had no price increases since starting with them. We are also not charged for the little things, even if they are not within the scope of our service. Overall I am very happy with the value received.

Wojciech Borowicz
IT Manager
Cannon Services

"I don’t think XBASE has missed their SLA"

“I don’t think XBASE has missed their SLA”

XBASE’s service is very good. The helpdesk team is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The 2nd and 3rd level support are also very good for more complex issues, turning things round within their SLA. In fact I think in the 5 years I’ve been here I don’t think XBASE has missed their SLA.

I think it’s very true that you pay for what you get. I feel that with XBASE the price is not always the cheapest on the market, but the quality of their service and advice more than makes up for the difference. The quality of hardware is also good and we have had great experiences with our purchases that have lasted for a number of years.

Rob Veling
Director of IT
Picton Mahoney Asset Management

"XBASE delivers great value"

“XBASE delivers great value”

Expert level IT support is often a challenge for non-profit organizations. XBASE has been providing managed IT services to YMCA Canada for over a decade. A skilled team responds quickly and identifies the right solution to our issues. XBASE provides critical advice for system improvements. XBASE has helped us in few tough situations when we needed them most. We are very satisfied with XBASE as a partner.

For YMCA Canada, XBASE works like a virtual in-house IT department that has expertise in very broad areas of IT, from electrical services to cloud services and software development. Staying on top of the latest technology is becoming more and more important for us, and XBASE is trusted to help us stay current with the technology we need to operate. We believe that XBASE delivers great value, and has done so for years.

Rustam Adigamov
IT Manager
YMCA Canada

"XBASE’s pricing structure is worth the peace of mind"

“XBASE’s pricing structure is worth the peace of mind”

The experience with XBASE has been consistently good. The service turnaround time is great and all agents are courteous to the staff regardless of the complexity of the requests. XBASE’s technical team has proven to be knowledgeable in all aspect of the IT infrastructure and are able to complete requests with dexterity. The ticket system works well for issue tracking, monitoring and follow-ups. Communications are timely with sufficient details which allows me to respond, react and communication important events to stakeholders.

XBASE’s pricing structure is worth the peace of mind. Outsourcing IT support to XBASE allows me to focus on value-added tasks and not worry about system up-time and performance.

Wilkin Hsein
Project Specialist, IT Infrastructure
Supply Chain Management Association

"THAT is service!"

“THAT is service!”

The story I always like to tell people about XBASE is when we lost all power and connectivity to our Smithville plant. There was an accident just down the street that took out several utility poles. Telephone, Internet service and power all went down. As I was walking out of the building to discuss the situation with the other members of the Management Team, my mobile phone rang. It was Adam from XBASE, calling to let me know that Smithville had just dropped off from all the monitoring. This was within minutes of the accident. THAT is service!

I’ve done several RFP’s over the years. I’ve had companies be very aggressive with pricing. My experience is that they don’t always have the tools and resources to provide great service. Do your due diligence. There’s always a reason that someone is more “cost effective”; and it’s usually at the cost of service.

Vince Fry
IT Manager
Stanpac Inc.

"XBASE staff have done a great job"

“XBASE staff have done a great job”

Our transition to XBASE has been seamless and very professional. The folks on our account hit the ground running and very quickly had a full understanding of our IT environment and began to provide suggestions for improvements from day one. The team has been incredibly responsive, patient and provided exceptional client service. They have treated us with respect and have been able to communicate with us at a level that we understand since we are not computer experts. XBASE staff have done a great job of keeping us abreast as to the status of our requests so that there are no surprises.

We have found that the service XBASE has provided to date is priced in a very fair manner. XBASE has been very clear as to their fee structure from day one and have remained true to their word. When service requests come up that are outside of our normal agreement they have provided fulsome quotes and explanations in advance of doing the work. The quality of work and customer service has made every penny spent worthwhile.

Michael Strain
Orange Insurance

"XBASE solution was indeed the superior choice"

“XBASE solution was indeed the superior choice”

Having been exposed to a number of external helpdesk environments, I was very pleased with the service provided by the XBASE Helpdesk and Support teams. The front line technicians are more knowledgeable than most, and are generally able to resolve most issues on the first call. When more complex issues arise, the second and third level engineers provide quick and meaningful explanations, and effective resolutions that consider not just remediating the symptoms, but also divining direct and indirect root causes to provide a complete solution. A very effective team!!

When engaged in the selection process for Managed and Hosted Infrastructure Support and Customer Facing Helpdesk Support, we found that there was a standard “menu” of features and costs offered by most participants. XBASE Technologies were the only participant who looked at it as a “people” requirement and not an infrastructure one, providing costing per user rather than having to contemplate infrastructure that you may not need. In dealing with differing types of user, consideration and flexibility were always available for the “real world environment”, beyond what fits a particular menu item. As a result, although initial pricing may not appear to be as favourable, the overall model provided the best value, which is the more important factor. Coupled with the superb service received during the term, the XBASE solution was indeed the superior choice in all regards.

Desmond DeGazon
VP Information Technology
Sutton Special Risk

"The team is very knowledgeable"

“The team is very knowledgeable”

In my dealings with XBASE support, the team is very knowledgeable. They understand my environment and provide excellent support. We have used XBASE twice now to upgrade our servers and Windows Active Directory. The advantage we saw with XBASE was that they know the hardware they sell, they sourced it for us, configured, and installed the hardware. The benefit of a ‘one stop shop’ providing the hardware, configuring the servers and Active Directory, and then deploying the hardware was huge. It made sense to Rittal to use a knowledgeable proven partner to upgrade out network servers.

Barry McKinley
Network Administrator
Rittal Systems

Here's what some of our other client's
have had to say about us.

“Since our move to XBASE, our website application is much faster and its availability is great.The transition of the application was as smooth as it could be and was handled very professionally. We’d just like to say that we are very happy with the support we are receiving. Your staff is caring and supportive to our business needs and always professional and knowledgeable”

“Just a little note to say how much I am indebted to your tech who spent over an hour today recovering my files. Their relentlessness paid off. Needless to say I am indebted to them. As well, they are always pleasant to me on the phone and even made me laugh when I was feeling so hopeless. You have great employee(s) who exemplify what Extraordinary Customer Service should be.”

“XBASE has met or exceeded our expectations…our servers have been up virtually 100%. Just as important, XBASE provided the consulting advice we needed to help us refine what our infrastructure requirements were, what the best solutions would be, and what it would take to migrate to XBASE from our previous provider. All in all, moving to XBASE has enabled our staff to focus on our business.”

“I cannot thank you enough for all your invaluable and ongoing support with my IT and related challenges. No matter how big or small the problem, you are fast, courteous and efficient, as well as friendly and professional. I believe that you deserve much praise and recognition for your efforts …. Thank you again for all your help.”

“Thanks to everyone at XBASE for making our 25-person office move successful. Your team did a great job on all aspects of the project from pre-move consulting right through to post-move support. Projects have always been accomplished both on time and within budget.”

“XBASE’s operating model, with a centralized help-desk and powerful remote access tools, is effective and efficient.”

“XBASE has helped us develop secure backup and recovery strategies, server migrations, Virtualization, office builds and re-locations, and define and implement a consistent environment for PC’s.”

“With XBASE, our IT Operations are consistent, dependable, and secure, your Support staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful, and our costs remain competitive.”