The top IT problems for most businesses

The top IT problems for most businesses

Despite the fact that business owners realize the importance of robust IT support, many of them still end up investing in strategies and solutions that aren't sustainable. As a result, businesses suffer from slow response times, unproductive employees, and disappointed clients -- especially those whose approach to IT is reactive rather than proactive.

But that's not all that a bad IT infrastructure does. Technology that causes more problems than it solves might end up affecting your productivity and hampering business growth.

Unpredictable Costs - There are many things that can go wrong in your IT systems, such as slow internet, sluggish computers, and more. Troubleshooting can be difficult and time-consuming, so you end up calling your IT guys to fix problems. And if you've ever dealt with break-fix IT providers, you know that they charge you by the hour for all the troubleshooting time they spend.

This is why more and more businesses are turning to managed services providers (MSP) like XBASE, which offer comprehensive IT support that includes proactive IT system monitoring, backup management, and more, for a fixed monthly fee. If there are problems that crop up, the troubleshooting costs are on us!

Unsafe data - Cybercrime is growing more rampant nowadays, and businesses are understandably worried about data breaches. Businesses fear having their data leaked and having their reputation damaged.

A Managed Services provider helps you understand the risks, and will pro-actively patch your systems, maintain your firewalls and recommend the next steps you can follow to protect your important data.

Non-compliance - Moving to the cloud makes businesses more efficient by allowing employees to access work files anywhere, anytime. But for companies in certain industries, a major undertaking like cloud migration requires the help of certified IT professionals to ensure they comply with various regulations. Otherwise, they risk non-compliance, which would result in hefty fines, massive reputational damage, and in a worst-case scenario, jail time.

Poorly trained employees - The assumption that only IT staff need to know about technology best practices will ruin your network security and disaster recovery strategies. Without adequate cybersecurity training, employees could be your biggest security risks.

Phishing emails have become highly sophisticated that scammers could make millions off of them as in the case of MacEwan University, which lost more than $11 million from a series of phishing scams. But, if an employee can identify a phishing email from a legitimate one, things might have gone differently. This is why you need to train your workforce to take these things more seriously.

Unreliable phone systems - Plenty of vendors promise VoIP solutions that seem too good to be true, and end up causing issues such as poor call quality, bad equipment, and faulty and improper network configuration.

Fortunately, these issues can be avoided by partnering with a dependable MSP. XBASE Technologies' economical VoIP solutions eliminate your headaches by implementing and supporting your internet-based phones that enhance your office's collaboration capabilities and increase your productivity.

XBASE understands your business’s potential IT challenges and can provide you unlimited support to resolve your IT issues. If you would like to talk with us about how to take advantage of our managed services, give us a call now.